In recent years it has become fashionable to go running with your baby in a buggy. In this blog I will explore whether this is safe.

Babies’ brains are delicate so babies should NEVER be shaken. It is not recommended to jog with your baby in a buggy in the first 6 months of life. From 6-8 months most babies will have the necessary head control to withstand gentle turbulence but waiting until 8-9 months would be best. Even at 9 months it is still advisable to be very careful.

Check your buggy manufacturer’s guidelines as to whether it is designed for and considered safe to go running with a child in that buggy. Always ensure your child is securely strapped in with the straps adjusted to fit them. If you have removed the cover and straps to clean the buggy’s fabric, be particularly careful that it is all re-attached correctly. It is not safe to run with your child in a carrycot or in the car seat attached to the chassis. The pushchair seat should always be upright.

Make sure there is a strap you can loop around your wrist in case you loose grip of the buggy whilst travelling down gentle slopes. Avoid jogging on steep downhill slopes. Pick your terrain; obviously some surfaces will involve more jiggling and bouncing than smoother ones. Choose a route you are familiar with that does not have obstacles or big bumps or rocks. And start with fast walking until you are 100% confident that your baby is secure, comfortable and not being bounced about excessively.

In general if there is another way you can get your exercise, this would be better. Pushing a buggy uphill is often very physically strenuous without needing to run. Walking with the extra weight of your baby in a baby carriers (such as a baby bjorn) can also be very physically demanding whilst involving a slower more gentle motion. Again make sure the product is suitable and attached to you and baby properly, and make sure the child won’t be at risk of overheating. If you don’t have support from family locally is there another trusted mummy or daddy you can take it in turns with to look after both babies whilst you exercise?

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