Breastfeeding your baby has numerous benefits for both of you. For you, it reduces your lifetime risk of getting one of the most common cancers; breast cancer. It also reduces the risk of ovarian cancer and osteoporosis. For your baby it helps to protect him or her...

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Retroverted Uterus

A retroverted uterus is something often written on scan reports. It means that the womb tilts backwards towards the rectum or spine. This is a natural anatomical variation of position which happens in about one quarter of women. The most common position for a womb to...

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Men and Pregnancy Loss

The loss of a baby is usually accompanied by feelings of sadness, disappointment, doubt, confusion and even anger.  It not only means the end of a relationship between the developing baby and its parents, but the dreams, hopes and wishes that are a huge part of the...

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Physical activity in pregnancy

Staying active in pregnancy has many benefits.  It can help improve your pregnancy symptoms and sometimes help prevent medical complications which could affect your baby or you during and after pregnancy.  These include diabetes and high blood pressure, two of the...

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The Placenta

The placenta is an organ attached to the lining of your womb during pregnancy. It keeps your unborn baby's blood supply separate from your own blood supply, as well as providing a link between the two. The link allows the placenta to carry out functions that your...

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What our clients say about us

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