"The service provided by Somerset Early Scans was second to none. The scan was carried out meticulously and in a relaxed environment. The availability of late appointments is very convenient, especially in the early weeks when one may not want to draw attention by leaving work early.

Your help and guidance was a great help and comfort. I actually found out about your service through a friend of mine who recently had a scan with you, who was in turn advised by her midwife in Taunton to see you.

I just wish more people knew about this service at their doorstep. I think quite a few people automatically travel to Bristol. I would be more than happy to help you with any advertising - through Mumsnet or Facebook etc.

I wish you all the best for the future, if I don't get to see you for another scan."


"I went to see Joanna on two occasion, at 7 and 9 weeks. All I can say is that she is amazing! Joanna completely put my mind at ease and talked me through the results so I completely understood what was happening inside my body!

Joanna was also amazing at responding the barrage of emails I send prior to both appointments, once again putting my mins at rest. If you have any worries or are just looking for reassurance that everything is moving along as it should be I can't recommend Joanna's services enough."

“Early pregnancy is a worrying time for all expectant mothers. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found an early pregnancy scanning service so close to home for reassurance and viability. I sent the email and a friendly quick reply. I booked the package of two scans as my first one was early at only 6 weeks. I went to the scan anxious but as soon as I met Jo I felt at ease. We did the scan and everything was fine and Jo talked me through the scan and answered any questions. I was booked in a few weeks later but wanted to come earlier and that was fine. The second scan was even better and again Jo was absolutely brilliant guiding me through and answering any questions. I wish I could go again! You get to keep all the images on a lovely little USB stick. I would recommend this to anyone who wants the reassurance or if you’re just a little impatient like me. Friendly, confidential and personal service given by Dr Jo. Very glad for her to be a part of something so special.”

“Thank you so much for today. It really did mean the world to us. We were so worried after my pregnancy symptoms seemed different from last time and then went away. Thank you again. I feel on top of the world today despite the weather!”

“Wow! What a positive experience, being treated like a human being and allowed to take my time. Debbie was very sympathetic and listened to all my worries and laid my concerns to rest”

"We were really impressed with Somerset Early Scans, right from our first contact via email to the scan itself.

It was amazing and incredibly reassuring to see our baby with its little heartbeat at almost 8 weeks. It helped greatly with my anxiety about the pregnancy and my Husband said it was the best money he had ever spent!

Angela was lovely and explained everything to us really clearly. It was also great to get all the images on a USB stick to keep and look back at. I am pleased to say that we have just had our 12 week scan and everything is still going well."

"I just wanted to thank you ladies for the amazing service you provide.
My 4th (and final) baby was born on 23rd Sept and I have unfortunately had to come and see Angela many times (4 times at your clinic and several at Musgrove) over the last 3 years or so but she has been a godsend to my partner and I.
The support and reassurance she has provided has been top class and we would recommend your service in a heartbeat.
Here's a pic from a little lady with a very grateful mummy and daddy."

"The whole experience was great, really professional and seamless. From booking which was easy and simple, to arriving at the surgery for the scan.
The service was extremely professional but also really empathetic which made me and my partner feel really at ease, clearly lots of thought and experience has gone into the service provided. The scan was great, the heartbeat found quickly and measurements taken efficiently, keeping us both feel confident and happy.
Overall a great experience which I would recommend to anyone. Thank you!"

"We were incredibly pleased and impressed by our experience with Somerset Early Scans.
We were well looked after by the surgery because although it was after hours they made sure we found our way to the consulting room.
Our sonographer was an absolute delight, fun and engaging and really reassuring. She looked after both myself and my husband really well, taking care of us both and answering both of our questions.
We were really lucky and got to see some great images of our baby, its healthy heartbeat and our sonographer took the time to give us a quick anatomy lesson too, all while assuring us everything looked normal for our stage of pregnancy.
We were recommended SES by friends of ours and we are glad they did, we were very pleased with our experience."

"We really loved and appreciated the personal touch we got with yourself at Somerset early scans. You were so friendly, caring, thoughtful and sympathetic of our needs especially after going through a miscarriage last year. I wouldn't say there was anything that could be improved, the service you provide is fantastic and definitely worth the money. Thank you!"

"We wanted to get in touch to let you know how excellent we found your service, your bedside manner, professionalism and care was truly brilliant.
******** and myself both felt very at easy at a time which was a bit stressful for us.
The information and delivery of the information was prefect for us and we would both like to thank you for that.
We both would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone."

"I was so relieved to have the reassurance of the early scan. To know that everything was normal and viable was priceless to me and I will definitely be recommending you to friends in the future!

The best thing was being able to get an appointment so quickly and I was very pleased with the excellent service that you provide. I especially liked being given a memory stick with the images on, giving me the added reassurance of being able to look back on everything, especially having the key details labelled so I knew what to look for.

Thank you again Joanna, wishing you a very happy new year!"

"Angela was really friendly and easy to talk to and also very knowledgeable and professional, she made me feel completely at ease throughout the duration of the appointment and explained everything to me. I really couldn't recommend you enough and I now feel relieved to know that I have just the one baby with a good strong heartbeat and also really pleased I got to take home all the images. Nothing I think could be improved. A great service."

"I was thoroughly impressed with the service as I had not expected a medical specialist to be carrying out the scan. I think Somerset Early Scans is unique in that the scan is carried out by a qualified Doctor rather than a sonographer. (I've had positive experiences with sonographers carrying out scans but having a medical practitioner available to speak to is much more reassuring).

I found the whole experince very calming and refreshing and I think that is testament to your skill in putting patients at ease and making them feel relaxed in what is a nerve wracking situation. As an aside, the scan is very competitively priced in comparison to the services offered elsewhere.

I can't thank you enough and I may well be booking some reassurance scans later down the line"

(Comment for website visitors from the admin team: please note that we now have nurse practitioners and sonographers as well as our Doctor Jo, who all perform scans)


"The whole process from booking to attending was seamless. Angela was very welcoming and helpful. I've not used a private facility before and was expecting the quick 'in and out' service that one receives with the NHS. It was lovely to feel important and cared for, with Angela taking time to point things out on the scan, explain measurements and then print out the report and save the images.
I would recommend your service to anyone who is pregnant, as I felt very reassured afterwards."