Normal early pregnancy symptoms

It is normal for your body to change in the early weeks of pregnancy, due to an increase in certain hormones. These changes can cause several different normal pregnancy symptoms, however they are not felt by every women.

Some of the early signs of pregnancy are breast tenderness, tiredness and passing urine more often. Your breasts may feel tender, slightly enlarged or tingly. You might wake in the night to go to the toilet and as long as there is no burning or stinging this is normal. You might feel more tired than usual, but listening to your body and going to bed early is beneficial. This can improve around 10 weeks of pregnancy.


Not every woman feels sick, some women eat small amounts of food often and this can help to keep nausea at bay. Other women are affected by certain smells which can cause nausea. However if you are vomiting excessively and not able to keep down any food and are struggling to drink fluids you should seek further advice from your GP or midwife. A very helpful website is

Pelvic discomfort

Another common symptom women report is period-type discomfort, sometimes described as cramping or a heavy feeling low in your pelvis. This is completely normal and can last for the first trimester. Sometimes you feel bloated as your bowel slows down due to the increase in pregnancy hormones. If you are constipated your GP might prescribe a gentle laxative. If your pain is severe your GP will ensure there  are no other causes such as a urine infection. They might refer you for a scan to check your baby is in the correct place. Sometimes the pain can be from your ovary where the egg was released as it forms a small normal pregnancy cyst.

Paracetamol is safe to take during pregnancy for mild pains. If your period pain is mild,  you are feeling pregnant and have no bleeding there is no immediate cause for concern and your GP may reassure you. All of these pregnancy symptoms often settle towards the end of the first trimester and most women begin to feel more like their normal self.

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