Many couples choose to book an early pregnancy scan for reassurance purposes. This might be due to a miscarriage or baby loss in the past. Sometimes a couple just want to be able to see their baby before the routine NHS scan. In the majority of circumstances, we are able to provide peace of mind.

However, sometimes there may be a cause for concern, with either a concern with the baby, viability being uncertain or a miscarriage diagnosed at the appointment. This is obviously be a huge shock. In these difficult circumstances our sonographers would always aim to be honest and sensitive, taking time to explain the scan findings. We are guided by the couple’s wishes for information and preferences. We would always offer for couples to see the scan screen and to have photographs, if they wish. We would also provide a report.

We have close links with neighbouring hospitals and would refer the client directly to her chosen hospital with her consent. This might be to the Antenatal Clinic or Early Pregnancy Unit. We would never expect a woman to have to do this herself. We provide a contact phone number for the hospital and brief advice in case of any problems before they make contact. The NHS would then continue the care, sometimes wanting to perform their own scan to confirm the findings, which is normal.

When scan findings cause concern, we aim to provide honest and sensitive information, and are here to help with the next steps of our client’s care.

What our clients say about us

“We were both delighted with the service, in the run up to the scan, with our questions being answered reassuringly and on the actual day. You were friendly and helpful Continue Reading