I’ve had a really fabulous last couple of clinics in Bath. I’ve had the privilege to show a mum and dad to be that they are expecting twins (3 people in tears including me!) and I’ve also shared some emotional moments showing some lovely couples their baby’s heartbeats for the first time. Then I woke up yesterday to this lovely message: (The person in question gave their consent for me to post this here.)

Dear Jo. We just wanted to write to say a huge thank you for our scan this evening. I’ve been terribly nervous waiting to see if everything was okay but you put me at ease throughout the whole experience. We really appreciated how you took the time to talk us through everything and then took the time to show us lots of different views and even tried to get a clip of baby moving around. We feel so reassured (and incredibly happy!) and we’re really pleased that our first scan was with you- it felt really special. You offer such a fantastic service which was well worth the money: we’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone we can. We hope your business continues to go from strength to strength both for you and for the sake of all the women and their partners in Bath, Bridgwater and beyond!


What our clients say about us

“We were both delighted with the service, in the run up to the scan, with our questions being answered reassuringly and on the actual day. You were friendly and helpful Continue Reading