When does your baby first start to move? The first little wiggles are quite subtle and can be seen on ultrasound scan between 8 and 9 weeks of pregnancy. At this time we see little “limb buds” which are the first stages in your baby’s arms and legs forming. Between 9 and 10 weeks we can see the arms and legs and the movements are much clearer as the baby starts to kick and move its arms. From 10 weeks onwards the baby is very active, kicking and dancing about on the screen! It will have periods of restfulness and periods of activity. It is surprising to see so much movement happening on the screen when you can’t feel it at all!

The first time you feel your baby move varies hugely between women. It can depend on a number of factors. How body – aware you are certainly plays a part. Anatomical factors such as where your placenta is are also thought to affect it. Some women can feel a little bubbling or butterfly like sensation as early as 15 weeks. Most won’t feel this till later on though, usually between 18-22 weeks.  It is lovely to have the reassurance of being able to feel baby’s movements. In the third trimester  pronounced kicks and big movements can be felt (and often seen from outside!) which is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy.

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