Pre-IVF scan £135


If you are having IVF abroad or in a clinic far away and it’s not easy to travel to them for your baseline scan we can perform this scan for you. We will issue a report detailing your endometrial thickness, the appearance of the womb and ovaries, to be sent on to your fertility team so that they can confirm you are ready to commence treatment.

We recommend an internal (vaginal) scan as the views are a lot clearer and the womb lining measurement is more accurate. You’ll need an empty bladder for an internal scan. If you prefer we can do the scan using the tummy probe, but the views may not be good enough. For a tummy scan you’ll need to come with a full bladder so drink 1-1.5L of fluids at least 20 minutes prior to your scan.


What our clients say about us

“We were both delighted with the service, in the run up to the scan, with our questions being answered reassuringly and on the actual day. You were friendly and helpful Continue Reading