Dating Scan 12-14 weeks £89


This is the scan offered by the NHS at 12-14 weeks. It is to confirm viability and measure the crown rump length to verify the due date. It also includes a check of basic anatomy as far as is visible at this stage and measurement of the nuchal translucency (skin fold at the back of the neck).

Nuchal translucency is measured in millimetres and is usually within a certain range. It can be raised in normal pregnancies. It can also be linked to structural or genetic problems in the baby. If the nuchal translucency is in the normal range it predicts a lower chance of there being structural or genetic variations. If it is raised then you would be referred to an obstetrician to discuss the implications and whether or not to have further tests or scans.

Please note that a normal nuchal translucency and scan cannot guarantee a healthy baby as not all problems will be identified.

If the baby is in an unfavourable position and we cannot measure the nuchal translucency you will be offered a free of charge rescan.

This scan is performed on your tummy using the abdominal probe so please come with a full bladder. Drink 1-1.5L of fluids at least 30 minutes prior to your scan.

If you wish to have down syndrome screening we recommend a non-invasive prenatal test as the most accurate blood test. (link to page) This can be done from 10 weeks. We do not offer the maternal biochemistry blood test (combined test) that is done on the NHS due to it’s lower accuracy.


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