4D Scan – 24-34 weeks £119/ £149 with growth

Our 4D scans allow you to see your baby in a realistic 3D dimensional image. The Fourth dimension being the real time movement aspects that you can see as well such as thumb sucking and yawning. The best time to come for a 4D scan is 24-30 weeks.

Before the 4D scan we will check your baby’s wellbeing. For a standard 4D scan (£109) we visualise the heartbeat, movements and measure the amniotic fluid and check the blood flow (doppler). If you would like a 4D scan with full growth scan (£149), in addition to the above checks we will also perform measurements of your baby’s head and tummy to check he or she is growing well.

Once we have checked the wellbeing we will progress to using the 4D setting of the machine to obtain printed thermal images of your baby’s face and a movie clip to take away on USB stick (+£12).

If we have trouble getting good views due to your baby’s position we will ask you to take a walk and try again. If we still cannot get good views then we will offer you one complimentary rescan.

TWINS: £145 for a 45 minute appointment. Select 4D Scan – 24-32 weeks TWINS when booking. For Twin 4D scan with Growth scan: £190 for 1 hour appointment. Select 4D Scan with Growth – 24-32 weeks TWINS when booking.

Please note that this is not an anomaly scan. Anomaly scans are extended examinations where detailed inspections of the baby’s organs are made in order to look for any structural abnormalities. The NHS offers all pregnant women an anomaly scan free of charge at around 20 weeks.



What our clients say about us

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