The Society of Radiographers and British Medical Ultrasound Society have issued a position statement advising that “ultrasound equipment should only be used by properly trained professionals”. This was in response to some people carrying out ultrasound scans themselves at home using portable equipment.

It is now possible to purchase ultrasound equipment for use at home. Ultrasound is safe providing the power settings used are as low as reasonably achievable and kept within limits specified by professional guidelines. The theoretical risk of harm due to warming or cavitation is avoided by monitoring the mechanical and thermal indices (MI and TI) of the machine during scans, and keeping their duration appropriate for the MI/TI.

It is possible to gain false reassurance of fetal wellbeing if scans are performed by untrained individuals. It is also possible to become unnecessarily worried by something you see which might cause anxiety and stress.

At Somerset Early Scans we do not recommend using this equipment if you are not a trained sonographer. You can read the statement here.

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